Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Can you find 9 people in this pic?

It is said that,in this pic,there are 9 people.

I just manage to find 7 of them.
pls find it for me!!!!!!!!

crdt to mighty optical illusions this pic is taken from that website(^_^)
thx to the admin!


Jong said...

I saw 5 only nei~~~

kenwooi said...

i can only see 6.. lol =P

akuseniman said...

same goes to me.
my fren helped me.
then only we get 7:)

Dewi Batrishya said...

The obvious Pictures:
1. The face of an old man with half bald scalp & a mustache
at (the entrance)
2. The Old guy with Mr.Potato hat holding his wand
3. The lady in peach+large skirt holding a baby
4. The baby the Lady is holding

The Not so obvious Pictures:
5. Left hand side, a face of a boy.
(Look at the end of the Crow's tail)
6. Opposite to the face of the boy, on the right hand side,
A face of a girl facing right.

Now, More complex, so u need to squeeze ur eye balls to see it:
7. There a little girl hiding at the back of the Left pillar.
(she's wearing a hat) *She's so small.. Almost the same height as
the Mr.Potato/wand's legs.
8. On top of the large semi-bald head, You'll notice a pair of eye
(Look closely at the arch of the entrance)

Ok.. the most tricky one:
9. Remember the small girl hiding at the back of the pillar?
If u look closely, u'll find a Teddy Bear! (Look Closely)

But that is not a person izzit?
So I'll leave the most tricky person to the others..
Ciao! ^^

akuseniman said...

you are sooooooooo good huh?!
I cant see it before!
thx for helping!